After graduating with a Fine Art Degree, early 70’s,  I began creating movement & art projects with diverse populations. My improvisational, exploratory approach to movement and dance led me to study an MA in Dance Movement Psychotherapy at Naropa University.  I was introduced to the profound movement practice of Authentic Movement and studied in California with the ‘grandmothers of dance therapy’, gaining a teaching qualification.

On returning to the UK I continued Dance Movement Psychotherapy studies at Roehampton University, qualifying in 2002. This was followed by extensive experience working in mental health and also working with young children, parents and early years practitioners to support movement play. I also created my psychotherapy practice with one to one clients.

In my workshops I continue to integrate my passion for movement and art, creating an interactive embodied process for in-depth exploration of self. This process uncovers our personal narrative which is expressed in our physicality, emotions and our mind. It has the potential to reveal and transform our old stories, habits, challenges, longings and dreams.

As an artist I continue to experiment with acrylics and water colours. Painting is a little like a dance to me, with lines flowing effortlessly across the paper. My imagery is inspired by  the inner world of  imagination, archetypes and symbols.

Whether the process takes place within a group workshop or one to one therapy, I create a warm, inviting, supportive environment for in-depth personal exploration.