About my workshops

There is great alchemy in the connection between moving experience and the painting process.

In movement, we tune in to sensations, we follow the impulse to move and our natural dance unfolds. We experience physical sensations, imagination might stir, memories and feelings may surface, yet movement experiences are ephemeral, difficult to capture and look at.

Taking the movement experience directly into the process of spontaneous painting encourages us to stay with the ‘deep dive’ as we freely express from our embodied self. This is a direct response to the movement experience yet has it’s own life and message too. The process of painting, is in a way, another dance, but one that can be seen and touched, reflected upon, and shared with others in a different way than can be done through movement.

We create an interactive dialogue with our painting to bring light to it’s message. We reflect on images, we might ask questions or place ourselves in the painting to gain further insights into characters, landscape or marks. Feelings may emerge, perhaps there is some confusion initially or uncertainty. Yet if we trust our body and intuition, when we take our painting experiences back into movement again the ‘deep dive’ becomes deeper and the messages become clearer. What has gone before is built upon as we stay present to both movement and painting processes.

Witnessing each other’s movement in the Authentic Movement form helps us to feel seen, acknowledged and accepted non-judgmentally. We shift from a place of self to opening to others. To be seen in our fragility, joy, sadness or anxiety is an important part of this process. This profound practice of moving and witnessing each other enables us to feel seen for who we are, as our witness reflects back simply what is seen, felt and imagined.

Sharing each others painting process is a positive ritual to celebrate our inner creativity and wisdom. We have something tangible to take away with us at an inner and outer level. Something to be transformed, cherished, nourished or reflected upon. This approach is simple, profound and has the capacity to bring clarity to personal themes, to transform and heal.

“Maya’s seamless and caring facilitating creates a wonderful safe space for painting and movement. I have experienced profound results from her workshops that last for me. It is the most creative and effective process I have experienced.”
Painting by Lynda, workshop participant
Painting by Dvora, workshop participant